* Please note: Information about Jay Uhler, Entertainer (as seen on this video), has moved to jayuhlerentertainer.com.

Jay is not a licensed psychologist in Arizona, therefore he does not provide psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis, therapy, testing or treatment plans in Arizona.

Jay does provide individual, couple, family, and grief counseling as an ordained minister.

Jay Uhler is an Organizational and Clinical Psychologist Licensed in Massachusetts and Listed in the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.

Some people refer to Jay as a “Shrink.” He prefers to be called an “Expander!”

“It is exciting for me to use my experience and skills to respond to your needs and to assist you to increase the joy in your life. This could be with you, with members of your family, with colleagues or members of your company.”

As President of Catalyst World-Wide℠, a Corporate and Personal Development Company, Jay assists corporate executives in the U.S. and Europe to resolve conflicts in their organizations. He facilitates resolution of multi-party, multi-racial and multi-gender conflicts.

He has been invited to other states to assist people to heal physical problems where other approaches have failed.

Some of the most fun in his life is when he is entertaining. He loves to tell stories, to sing and to play his djembe.

Once a laborer in a steel mill, Jay Uhler is: