Catalyst World-Wide℠ Corporate Mission:

To assist individuals, families, companies and nations to improve their quality of life and find peace.

Jay Uhler assists people to expand their lives in person, on the telephone, or by Skype.

“After twenty years in the corporate world my career had plateaued. I was having difficulty navigating corporate politics, and I was unsure as to which direction I should take my career. I turned to Jay for his coaching advice.

Within one year I became widely recognized in the high-tech industry as an expert on innovation. Two years later I was promoted to one of the highest positions within my corporation. Shortly after that I published my first book. I can honestly say that I am enjoying my career as never before.

Jay’s well-rounded coaching advice helped me in all areas of my life: my family, my health, my faith, my relationships, and my career. He helped me to break down the barriers that I had placed in my own way. And he did it all with an absolutely fantastic sense of humor!

Whether your goals are short-term or long-term, I would highly recommend that you present them to Jay. He’ll help you to go above and beyond your own dreams for yourself!”

~ Steve Todd, Author of the book "Innovate With Infuence"

Coaching is about you. It is about guiding you to where you want to be in your life. It is about enabling you to be the best that you can be – personally, relationally, vocationally, socially, financially, intellectually, physically, perhaps spiritually, and including recreationally – about having balance in every area of your life and enjoying it all.

Catalyst World-Wide SMJay changes lives by assisting individuals to:

  • Increase their creativity and vocational productivity
  • Move up through the corporate ranks
  • Develop values, interests and skills that enrich their finances
  • Find fulfillment in their relationships
  • Bring joy to their lives

Jay brings to coaching sessions:

  • A safe space for self-discovery
  • A desire to build confidence in your intuition and to empower your insights
  • The capacity to hear your wants and needs underneath the words you express
  • The ability to grasp and verbalize for you what you know, yet do not recognize
  • The wisdom of many wonderful mentors
  • Years of experience in many facets of life ranging from:
    • Working as a laborer in a steel mill
    • Life as an administrator
    • Consulting in the corporate world
    • Being self-employed
    • The know-how of being an author of articles, a book and unabridged CD
    • Experience as an athlete and a coach
    • The thrill of parenting
    • The complications and privileges of marriage
    • The suffering of divorce
    • An understanding of the human condition as a Psychologist
    • The excitement of entertaining as a performer using stories, humor and songs
    • An awareness of team building and harmony through directing a Barbershop chorus
    • The skill of a professional speaker