Catalyst World-Wide℠ Corporate Mission:

To assist individuals, families, companies and nations to improve their quality of life and find peace.

Jay Uhler

“I was skeptical because I have been involved in mediations several times and nothing got resolved. To see what happened here today is a pleasant surprise. Thank you.”
~ Mediation Participant

“When you gave us guidelines for the day and asked us to think about what the other people here want or need, I thought, ‘I don’t even like them. What do I care what they need. (Turning to the other people present.) Now that I got to know you, I really like you!”
~ Mediation Participant

Catalyst World-Wide℠ is Registered in Massachusetts and Arizona.

cwwThe comments above refer to a conflict that had lasted for several years.

The session consisted of seven different parties represented by fifteen people of both genders and three different ethnic groups all meeting in one room. The issues involved sharing activities on the same real estate. When the conflicts were resolved and people chose assignments to carry out specific projects, the remaining part of the day was used to do visioning about plans for the future of their organization.

Other conflict resolution situations have involved:

  • Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Managing Directors – multi-national corporation in the U.S. and Europe
  • Family owned businesses
  • Owners and the staff of small companies
  • Police and minority youth
  • Conflict between home owners in a large communal, residential area
  • Conflict between siblings over family inheritances

Present and Past Professional Organizations:

  • Coordinator – Dispute Resolution Forum, Program on Negotiation (a consortium of Harvard, MIT, & Tufts Universities) at Harvard Law School
    • Created and Facilitated a Case Conference for D.R. Professionals, predominantly practicing lawyers – Mediation, negotiation and arbitration cases were presented
    • Created the Mental Health Mediators group for mediators who were not lawyers
  • Trained police and minority youth in how to neutralize conflict – Youth and Police Partnership, Boston, MA
  • Guest lecturer at Harvard, Boston University and Suffolk Law Schools
  • Certified Anti-Racism Trainer – The National Institute for Dialogues on Multi-Culturalism and by the National Headquarters of the Episcopal Church
  • Member at the Practitioner Level – Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Member – New England Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution
    • Served on the Diversity Committee
    • Served on the “Youth Initiative,” a pioneer national mentoring project
  • Member – Massachusetts Council of Family Mediators