The focus of this presentation is to encourage each person to take responsibility for their own health. It addresses the issues of:

  • pharmaceuticals and their side effects
  • hospitals and how to survive them
  • how to talk with your doctor
  • the importance of respecting your own intuition
  • insight about your health and your body

A woman after a seminar looked at the side effects of all the medication she was taking – which was a lot. She had wondered why she was exhausted all the time. She discovered that she was taking three medications that caused drowsiness. She talked with her doctor who took her off of all her medications except one that he wanted her to take temporarily. She felt much more energy and could deal with life in a whole new way.

Participants will learn:
» The relationship between illness and feelings and their impact on your body
» The connection between emotions and addictions
» The merit of listening to your body and trusting your instincts
» The importance of reading the Cautions and side effects of medication
» How to choose your doctor, how to talk with your doctor and the value of having one who listens
» The significance of good nutrition and exercise
» How healing energy works: how to use it on yourself and others

Jay’s experiences and training:

  • Provide energy healing to alleviate illness and physical pain
  • Train people to do energy healing
  • Save people’s lives from the side effects of medication with the help of doctors
  • Hands on Training and Workshops led by M.D.s, Chiropractors, a Tibetan physician, and a deep muscle massage Master (a form of healing massage)
  • Assistance and information to help people who are ill–Doctors of Naturopathy, a Chinese doctor brought to John’s Hopkins University to provide acupuncture training and many others in the healing professions
  • Continuing education courses on health and healing